A significantly higher proportion of DUPIXENT patients achieved meaningful itch
improvement at Week 24 in PRIME (primary endpoint)1,2

Proportion of patients with ≥4-point improvement in WI-NRS at Week 24a
  • A nominal difference was observed at Week 4 (19% with DUPIXENT vs 4% with placebo)2


  • A nominal difference was observed at Week 11 (33% with DUPIXENT vs 17% with placebo), with a significantly greater proportion of DUPIXENT patients achieving a meaningful response at Week 12 (37% with DUPIXENT vs 22% with placebo; P=0.216, primary endpoint). At Week 24, 58% of DUPIXENT patients achieved significant itch relief vs 20% with placebo; (P<0.0001, secondary endpoint)1,2

Definitive conclusions cannot be made for these results earlier than at 24 weeks in PRIME and at timepoints other than Weeks 12 and 24 in PRIME2. Data were not multiplicity controlled.

See IGA PN-S Results

Q2W, once every 2 weeks; SD, standard deviation; WI-NRS, Worst Itch Numeric Rating Scale.