Dosing in prurigo

Initial loading dose:

600 mg 2 x 300 mg
  • DUPIXENT is administered by subcutaneous injection and intended for use under the guidance of a healthcare provider1
  • Rotate injection site with each injection1
  • A patient may self-inject DUPIXENT after training in subcutaneous injection technique using the pre-filled syringe or pre-filled pen1
  • Provide proper training to patients and/or caregivers on the preparation and administration of DUPIXENT prior to use, according to
    the Instructions for Use1
  • Consider completing all age-appropriate vaccinations as recommended by current immunization guidelines prior to initiating
    treatment with DUPIXENT1

Q2W, once every 2 weeks.

At-home or in-office administration options


  • Patients and/or caregivers should read the Instructions for Use prior to injecting1
  • Instruct patients and/or caregivers to administer subcutaneous injection into the thigh or abdomen, except for the 2 inches (5cm) around the navel1
  • The upper arm can also be used if a caregiver administers the injection1
  • It is important to rotate the injection site with each injection. DO NOT inject
    DUPIXENT into skin that is tender, damaged, bruised, or scarred1
  • For the initial dose, patients and/or caregivers should administer each DUPIXENT injection at a different injection site1

See the Instructions for Use for more detailed instructions on the preparation and administration of DUPIXENT

Pre-Filled Pen

Instructions for Use - 300 mg

Pre-Filled Syringe

Instructions for Use - 300 mg

Supplemental Injection Training


Preparation for Use1

Before injection, instruct patients and/or caregivers to remove DUPIXENT from the refrigerator and allow DUPIXENT to reach room temperature without removing the needle cap.

  • 45 minutes for the 300 mg/2 mL pre-filled syringe or pre-filled pen

Patients and/or caregivers should inspect DUPIXENT for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration.

  • Do not use if the liquid contains visible particulate matter or is discolored or
    cloudy (other than clear to slightly
    opalescent, colorless to pale yellow)

Patients and/or caregivers should discard
any unused product remaining in the
pre‑filled syringe or pre-filled pen in
accordance with local requirements.

Storage and Handling1

  • DUPIXENT is sterile and preservative-free. Patients and/or caregivers should discard any unused portion
  • Patients and/or caregivers should store DUPIXENT by refrigerating at 36 °F to 46 °F (2 °C to 8 °C) in the original carton to protect from light
  • If necessary, DUPIXENT may be kept at room temperature up to 77 °F (25 °C) for a maximum of 14 days. DUPIXENT should not be stored
    above 77 °F (25 °C). After removal from the refrigerator, DUPIXENT must be used within 14 days or discarded
  • DUPIXENT should not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight
  • Do NOT freeze. Do NOT shake
  • Any unused medicinal product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements