Significantly more DUPIXENT patients achieved a meaningful response in both itch and nodule clearance, meeting both a ≥4‑point improvement in WI-NRS and an IGA PN-S score of 0 or 1 at Week 241,2

Proportion (%) of patients achieving WI-NRS ≥4 + IGA PN‑S 0 or 1
  • A nominal difference was observed at Week 8 (12% with DUPIXENT vs 0% with placebo) and at Week 12 (20% with DUPIXENT vs 5% with placebo)2


  • At Week 8 and Week 12, 8% and 17% of patients treated with DUPIXENT vs 5% and 9% with placebo P<0.0001, respectively, had both improvement in itch and nodule clearance. A significantly greater proportion of DUPIXENT patients achieved both improvement in itch and nodule clearance at Week 24 (32% with DUPIXENT vs 9% with placebo; P<0.0001)1,2

Definitive conclusions cannot be made for results earlier than at 24 weeks in PRIME and PRIME2.
Data were not multiplicity controlled.

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IGA PN-S, Investigator’s Global Assessment PN-Stage; Q2W, once every 2 weeks; WI-NRS, Worst Itch Numeric Rating Scale.