Indication DUPIXENT is indicated as an add-on maintenance treatment in adult patients with inadequately controlled chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis (CRSwNP).
DUPIXENT is the first biologic approved in CRSwNP that targets the inflammation underlying the disease—so your patients can achieve and maintain control

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DUPIXENT is a dual
inhibitor of IL-4 and IL-13
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  • aAt Week 52 (Trial 2: secondary endpoint) with DUPIXENT 300 mg Q2W + INCS (n=150) (9.53 from a baseline score of 13.46) vs 6% worsening with placebo + INCS (n=153) (-0.77 from a baseline score of 13.78) (LSM difference: 10.30 [95% CI: 8.50, 12.10]).2
  • bAt Week 24 (Trial 1: primary endpoint) with DUPIXENT Q2W + INCS (-1.34 from a baseline score of 2.26) vs 18% improvement with placebo + INCS (-0.45 from a baseline score of 2.45) (LSM difference: -0.89 [95% CI: -1.07, -0.71]).1
  • cIndividually, SCS reduction and need for sino-nasal surgery were not multiplicity-adjusted endpoints.
  • CRSwNP, chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis; INCS, intranasal corticosteroids; LSM, least squares mean; NC, nasal congestion/obstruction; Q2W, once every 2 weeks; SCS, systemic corticosteroid; UPSIT, University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test.


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