DUPIXENT does not have any known drug-to-drug interactions. DUPIXENT is not metabolized through the liver or excreted through the kidneys.1

In the DUPIXENT pivotal clinical trials, the most common adverse reactions in adult patients with prurigo nodularis (≥2%, pooled safety data across PRIME and PRIME2) were nasopharyngitis (5% for DUPIXENT vs 2% for placebo); conjunctivitis (4% for DUPIXENT vs 1% for placebo); herpes infection (3% for DUPIXENT vs 0% for placebo); dizziness (3% for DUPIXENT vs 1% for placebo); myalgia (3% for DUPIXENT vs 1% for placebo); and diarrhea (3% for DUPIXENT vs 1% for placebo). Discontinuation due to adverse events: 0% with DUPIXENT vs 3% with placebo. Patients should discontinue DUPIXENT if a clinically significant hypersensitivity reaction occurs or until a parasitic (helminth) infection resolves in a patient who does not respond to anti-helminth treatment.1

Please see Prescribing Information related to use with live and nonlive vaccines.

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