In SINUS-52, 67% of total improvement in sense of smell was seen after the first dose of DUPIXENT, as measured at Week 2 (LSM difference vs placebo: 5.36 [95% CI: 3.62, 7.10]). That improvement was sustained through Week 52 in the same study, increasing to 71% with DUPIXENT (baseline score 13.46) vs 6% worsening with placebo (baseline score 13.78) (LSM difference: 10.30 [95% CI: 8.50, 12.10]) (other secondary endpoint).6,a

Smell improvement was observed as early as Day 3.7,b

Improvement in sense of smell was investigated in 2 measures: UPSIT score and daily loss of smell score.

a Analysis of change at Week 52 was not multiplicity controlled; result is descriptive.

b Patient reported loss of smell as compared to placebo throughout the study period (LSM difference vs placebo at Day 3: -0.07 [95% CI: -0.12, -0.02]). (Post hoc analysis result is descriptive)

University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) score (range 0 to 40): higher score indicates improvement.

LSM, least squares mean.

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