DUPIXENT significantly decreased LMK-CT score vs placebo at Week 24 (key secondary endpoint) with sustained improvement through Week 52 (other secondary endpoint) in SINUS-52.a

DUPIXENT (300 mg + SOC) demonstrated 29% improvement at Week 24 from a baseline score of 18.12 (LSM difference vs placebo: -5.13 [95% CI: -5.80, -4.46]) and 37% improvement at Week 52 from a baseline score of 18.42 (LSM difference vs placebo: -6.94 [95% CI: -7.87, -6.01]). DUPIXENT demonstrated statistically significant reductions in opacification across all sinuses at Week 24.

a Analysis of change at Week 52 was not multiplicity controlled; result is descriptive.6

LMK-CT, Lund-Mackay computed tomography; LSM, least squares mean; SOC, standard of care.

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