PROSE is an ongoing, longitudinal, prospective, observational registry in the USA and Canada (NCT03428646) of patients aged ≥12 years with moderate‑to‑severe atopic dermatitis, treated with DUPIXENT in accordance with approved prescribing information (N=563; data presented include 28 adolescents aged ≥12 to <18 years). The results were measured by mean improvement in Peak Pruritus NRS and EASI scores from baseline. Data presented here are from the safety analysis set with a cutoff date of October 2020.10

Limitations of analysis:

Patients were also treated with other atopic dermatitis medications. While the initial prescription for DUPIXENT had to be in accordance with approved prescribing information, physicians were free thereafter to make any treatment decisions they deemed appropriate. Also, there could be a bias toward better outcomes in patients who continue providing data in this real-world study.10

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