DUPIXENT has efficacy and safety results in children aged 6-11 with moderate-to-severe asthma through Year 2 (EXCURSION OLE).15

Lung function results1,15

~2X improvement was seen with DUPIXENT at Week 12 in percent predicted pre-bronchodilator FEV1 vs placebo (key secondary endpoint).

Long-term lung function results were observed in children who continued with DUPIXENT from the parent study (VOYAGE) through Week 52 in EXCURSION OLE (n=209).

Exacerbation reduction results15

DUPIXENT significantly reduced exacerbations in children aged 6-11 through Year 11,15

Reductions in exacerbations were observed from the parent study (VOYAGE) in children who continued with DUPIXENT treatment through Week 52 in EXCURSION OLE (n=209) and in children on placebo in VOYAGE who switched to DUPIXENT in EXCURSION OLE (n=106).

Long-term safety15

The long-term safety profile in EXCURSION OLE was similar to that observed in the VOYAGE parent study.

EXCURSION OLE results are descriptive. Definitive conclusions cannot be made.

Data were not multiplicity controlled, and there are limitations associated with open-label study design, including lack of comparator arm, decreasing sample size, and potential continued involvement of responders and attrition of nonresponders.